Foster Kitten Learns to Play and Socialize With Stuffed Toy

A foster carer introduced a rescued kitten to a stuffed toy cat in an effort to help the animal learn how to socialize in Los Angeles, California.

This video recorded by Julia Anderson shows Cheese, the six week old kitten, cuddling and playing with his new friend.

Anderson shared the video to Reddit and told Storyful she introduced the toy to Cheese at four weeks old after he was found alone in the street.

“He was reaching the stage where he’s getting super playful now and always tries to wrestle our hands, so we wanted to give him a toy he could wrestle with.”

Anderson said she is looking after Cheese until he is fully vaccinated and that the purpose of introducing the toy was to help the foster kitten learn how to socialize with other cats before moving in with his new owners.

“Socialization is super important when they’re young, so I tried to play with him like another cat would,” she said.

“Super excited because his adopters have another cat so he will have a real life friend soon.” Credit: Julia Anderson via Storyful

Video transcript


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