Foul-mouthed cyclist rages at driver after colliding in central London when vehicle suddenly pulled in

GoPro footage shows the cyclist on the left-hand side of the road alongside the car on Blackfriars Road, going towards Elephant and Castle, near St. George's Circus.

The driver then pulls in suddenly forcing the cyclist to swerve, but hit the wing mirror and the side of the car.

The cyclist is heard saying: "You f****** stupid c***! You f****** idiot! Are you f****** blind?"

The motorist got out of his vehicle to assess the damage, prompting the cyclist to react: "Woah, woah, why are you bothered about your car, you nearly f****** maimed me!"

One passerby can also be heard interjecting saying that both were in the wrong, sending the cyclist into a second foul-mouthed tirade.

The cyclist, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "I was cycling home after work on Blackfriars Road towards Elephant and Castle.

"Then out of nowhere, the driver pulled in without indicating before he pulled in.

"I was forced to swerve but clipped the wing mirror and the passenger-side door.

"In that split second I thought 'this is going to end badly', but I got a lucky escape from serious injury, only a few bruises.