'I found a goldfish lying on the lawn - it's now my pet and has a Twitter account'

Handout photo dated 01/06/24 of a goldfish in Dr Ben Beska's garden. The junior doctor has gone viral on social media after finding a goldfish lying on his grass with no idea how it ended up in his garden. Dr Beska, 33, from Newcastle, said he saw a group of magpies squawking in his garden on Saturday and went out to investigate when he spotted the fish lying in the grass. Acting quickly, the NHS cardiology doctor retrieved the animal and placed it in a freezer drawer filled with water, saying it was the only large vestibule he had to hand at the time. Issue date: Sunday June 2, 2024.
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A junior doctor from Newcastle has become an internet sensation after discovering a goldfish on his lawn, leaving him completely baffled as to how it arrived there.

Dr Ben Beska, 33, noticed a commotion caused by magpies in his garden last Saturday and upon investigating, he found the fish out of water.

The quick-thinking NHS cardiology doctor scooped up the goldfish and temporarily housed it in a freezer drawer filled with water, as it was the only suitable container available at that moment.

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To keep the unexpected visitor safe from his two cats, Dr Beska then dashed to a local aquatic shop to buy a tank for the goldfish, which has been whimsically named Alice following an autocorrect mishap in a text message changing 'it's alive' to 'it's alice'.

The original post showing the stranded goldfish has since gone viral, amassing over 16 million views on X, formerly known as Twitter, a fact Dr Beska finds "bonkers".

A split image with the fish on the grass on the left and the fish in the tank on the right
Alice is now safely in a fish tank -Credit:No credit

"It's pretty mad really, finding a fish on the lawn. I have no idea how it got in the garden," he shared with PA news agency.

"The thing that alerted me to something being outside was the magpies squawking in the garden, so I looked out the window and thought 'why are they doing that?' Then I saw this thing on the floor and I was like, 'what the hell?'

"I went out and I was like, as if it's an actual fish, so took a photo to send to my fiance to say 'how the hell is there a fish on the floor', and then it moved I couldn't just leave it."

Dr Beska recounted how he rescued the "flapping" fish, quickly improvising with an old freezer drawer filled with water. "It started to swim around so it was alive," he explained.

To protect his unexpected guest, he said, "I locked my cats out of the kitchen, obviously, I didn't want them to eat it, that would have been a terrible end to the story."

In haste, Dr Beska dashed to a nearby shop for a tank and chemicals, admitting: "I didn't have enough time to research and Google things, because there's a fish in the garden."

Once settled in its new tank, the fish's condition improved markedly. "I put it in the tank and it's doing much better than it was on the lawn." Reflecting on the rescue, he observed, "I think it was seconds from death, so it's a lucky fish."

The goldfish's arrival remained a puzzle, but Dr Beska speculated that a bird might have snatched it from a distant pond and dropped it, despite no ponds being in the immediate vicinity.

The tale of the goldfish has captured the imagination online, with Dr Beska's initial photo racking up over 150,000 likes and attracting more than 4,000 comments.

Discussing the viral sensation, he remarked: "It's very odd, I mainly use (X) for medical stuff, so this is very, very different."

He found the public reaction entertaining, sharing that "It's been quite funny, some of the comments are quite funny and about 1,000 people said they thought a bird dropped it."

The story even inspired one X user to create a profile for the fish named @alicebeska, which Dr Beska found "very funny".

One particularly baffling tweet on the account for the fish reads: "Such a wild day, booked one of those @journeetrips and wound up in some northerner's lawn? I would like a refund please."

Meanwhile, Dr Beska has plans to purchase a larger tank and possibly another companion for his new pet.