I found Yorkshire's most delicious ice cream by turning right before Skirlaugh

The entrance to The Farm Shop at Skirlaugh and, inset, cherry pie with ice cream
-Credit: (Image: Hull Live)

If you're like me, you've probably gone past the sign for the farm shop off the A165 on dozens of occasions without a second thought.

After all, it's in the limbo between Skirlaugh and Willow Pastures Country Park and it's easy to drive past if you're on a mission and headed elsewhere. But curiosity got the better of me one day and I doubled back to have a nosy.

The car park for The Farm Shop @ Skirlaugh is well maintained and there are picnic benches conveniently arranged in a sun trap at the far side next to some fields. A converted barn has been transformed into the spacious main shop.


My first impression was that it was very charming. Inside, the shelves were rammed with local produce, including fresh free range eggs, cheeses, meats, homemade meat pies, traditional pork pies, luxury fish pies from Grimsby, locally made oils, sauces, and freshly baked bread.

There was lots of delicious-looking fresh produce too - I put some baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes on the vine into my basket. But the main event on this warm summer's day, for me, was the freezer filled with ice cream.

Brymor Dairies clotted cream icecream paired with a slice of Laveracks cherry pie
Brymor Dairies clotted cream icecream paired with a slice of Laveracks cherry pie -Credit:Hull Live

I felt drawn to the handmade clotted cream ice cream by Brymor Dairies. It wasn't a brand I'd heard of before and the shop also sold Burgess ice creams in a variety of flavours which I've tried before and thought were quite nice.

The traditional clotted cream flavour was too tempting, and I bought my first-ever tub of Brymor Dairies ice cream. From recollection, it was much cheaper than your standard supermarket Ben and Jerry's.

As a perfect pairing to my ice cream, I bought a cherry pie by a baker called Laveracks in Holme upon Spalding. They've been going strong for 150 years, so I reasoned they must be doing something right.

The Farm Shop at Skirlaugh
The Farm Shop at Skirlaugh -Credit:Hull Live

I got my goodies home and immediately dug into the ice cream. It had an incredible texture, really smooth and creamy with no ice crystals at all.

The flavour was beautiful, really rich and somehow light at the same time. I served it up with a generous slice of cherry pie and it was a perfect pairing.

Unlike your standard supermarket fare, this cherry pie taste of real fruit rather than processed syrupy jam. The cherries were bursting with summer fruit flavours and also slightly tart, just how I remember them from my childhood.

Sadly, the cherry pie and ice cream were such a hit they didn't even last 24 hours in my house. At least I know where to restock, and I don't think it will be long before I return.