Founder of JSHealth and nutritionist Jessica Sepel’s Favourite Things

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Jessica Sepel has taken great strides to change the supplement game.

A clinical nutritionist, health author and frequent feature in articles flexing her expertise, the Aussie-based founder of JSHealth is here to help you craft a healthy relationship with your body and give you all the right nutrients you need through the power of supplements.

Whether you are a staunch believer in the effects of these dietary add-ons, or firmly against, you can’t ignore the hundreds upon thousands of real life reviews and before and after images that are proudly detailed by her loyal clientele after using her JSHealth Vitamins range.

The formulations are research-backed, created alongside leading health experts and here to combat common concerns whether you are looking for something for your hair, skin, digestion, stress, hormone balance, joints, muscles or for an extra energy boost.

We caught up with Sepel to bust some supplement myths and find out the products she can’t live without.

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What are you up to at the moment?

I am busy working on new JSHealth Vitamins, with my biggest focus on an exciting brand new product line coming soon! Work aside, I am spending a lot of precious time with my husband and family to maintain balance and nourish my soul.

What is your skincare routine?

So simple! I wash my face with natural soap, then I use a pure vitamin C serum, next I apply a natural vitamin E and antioxidant-rich oil, and finish off with a nourishing natural moisturiser.

What’s the one item that you can’t live without?

Can it be my husband? Haha! Honestly, my daily PM+ vitamin for sleep and a calm mind.

How do you incorporate time for yourself into your busy schedule?

Weekends off are key! In the early days of JSHealth and JSHealth Vitamins we worked 6/7 days a week. These days we really take weekends to rest and restore - and then we find we actually have a more successful work week as we are so fresh and ready to go!

What’s the one supplement you wish more people knew about?

Probably a quality probiotic and magnesium. Both can have significant positive impacts on gut health, sleep and energy levels.

What’s a myth about supplements that you want to bust?

That they do not work and there is no evidence to support them! Absolutely a myth. Really there is almost too much evidence to support the power of individual vitamins and minerals on the human body. And the anecdotal evidence says it all - all you have to do is take a look at the tens of thousands of customer reviews at and you can see how the right herbs and nutrients can be life-changing for many.

The way I saw how pure vitamin formulas helped my patients in my nutrition practice was very eye opening.

What are your kitchen equipment staples?

...and that’s about it!

What’s your desert island dish?

My mum’s sage butter ravioli with red wine.

What’s the best piece of beauty/health advice that you’ve been given?

That it really does all start from within.

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