Four items airplane passengers should never pack in their hand luggage

UK holidaymakers are being urged to keep four things out of their hand luggage before heading to the airport this summer.

Even with rules on 100ml liquids set to eventually be scrapped from all UK airports, with Aberdeen Airport already having done so, there are still certain items which should be left at home., according to experts at Fulton Umbrellas.

On board baggage can be an ideal place to store things that you need to hand, but some stuff may be better off left in checked baggage. If not, such items could be confiscated at airport security, making for a disappointing start to a getaway.

First, tourists should be mindful about packing electronics that are powered by lithium ion batteries, reports the Express. Despite specific rules varying between airlines, generally passengers should only put electronics in their hand luggage that feature batteries that are between 100Wh and 160Wh.

The company also suggested that tourists should make sure that all devices are fully charged and switched off before being packed. Fulton Umbrellas also recommended that tourists are considerate over the types of food they pack in their carry-on cases.

Single piece of brie cheese over table.
Softer cheeses could be confiscated -Credit:Getty Images

Whilst many passengers typically put some food in their hand luggage to take home or have as a snack on the plane, items such as jams, soft cheese and chutneys could be confiscated as they count towards the 100ml limit on liquids.

In addition, different countries will impose further restrictions on certain types of food, meaning it is important to research banned items before travelling to avoid disappointment and confiscation.

The company also suggested that passengers should avoid packing some kinds of umbrella in their hand luggage, depending on their size. Whilst there are typically no restrictions on carrying an umbrella in hand luggage, larger 'golf-style' umbrellas could cause accidents, particularly in soft cases.

Instead, tourists should try to pack umbrellas of this size in their hold luggage, giving them more room for other goods in their carry-on case. Finally, Fulton Umbrellas warned tourists who want to stay in shape during their holiday to think twice before packing protein powders in their bags.

Despite not being banned by airline companies, powders can obstruct the view on X-ray machines, blocking items that are placed behind them. As a result, tourists who decide to pack protein powders in their hand luggage may need to spend more time going through security, with staff likely needing to look through the case by hand.

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