'Four lads in jeans' are immortalised with a statue in the spot where the meme was born

The 'four lads in jeans' who rose to internet fame when their photo was turned into a meme have posed next to a statue in the spot the pic was taken.

Jamie Philips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney and Alex Lacey took an innocent group photo on a night out in 2019.

The friends in tight, denim jeans standing side-by-side, were ribbed for being stereotypically British, and their photo was shared millions of times.

Now an artist has created a statue of the four men installed at the spot where the meme was born in Birmingham.

The artist - known as Tat Vision - unveiled it outside All Bar One.

The sculptor said they made it from women mannequins in tight-clothing, with added papier-mâché and PVA glue, covered in bronze paint.