Four Man v Food style challenges in Merseyside for brave eaters

There's now dozens of food challenges on offer across Merseyside - if you've got the stomach for them.

Whether you're brave or extremely hungry, there's a number of food challenges in Merseyside which allow you to take part in your own Man (or woman) v Food style food-fest.

From huge burgers to mouth-burning wings, there are plenty of restaurants daring customers to try their extreme dishes.

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If you decide you have what is takes to tackle a belly-busting challenge - and fancy the bragging rights you'll gain if you succeed - then here's four you can try on Merseyside,

The Quadruple Bypass Burger

Where: Pattersons

Prize: Free meal

This burger is not for the faint-hearted.

City centre fried-chicken joint, Pattersons, is offering a free meal to anyone who can devour the Quadruple Bypass within 20 minutes.

It may sound simple, but it's definitely not. This monster sandwich contains two double beef patties, Pattersons' famous fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, chilli cheese, hash browns and onion rings. And if that doesn't sound like enough, you will also need to power through fries and slaw.

Complete this challenge and you will not only be able to tell all your mates how tough you are, but you won't have to pay the £19.95 it costs to put you in a food coma for the rest of the week.

Oh, and in a separate challenge, Pattersons tasks customers to eat 15 Buffalo wings smothered in its homemade 'exorcist sauce' within five minutes - but you can save that one for next time.

The 5lb Calzone

Where: Amalia

Prize: Free meal and 'Amalia surprise'

This ginormous folded pizza at Italian restaurant, Amalia, weighs 5lbs and including 4.4lbs of filling consisting of a mix of vegetables, mincemeat, tomato sauce and mounds of cheese.

Polish it off in under an hour and you win the challenge, giving you the meal for free, an 'Amalia surprise' and a place on the wall of fame.

But make sure to finish it - or you’ll make it to the dreaded wall of fail, a stain on your reputation for all eternity.

Watch ECHO writer Jess Flaherty, as she attempts to take on the challenge here.

Davey Jones’ Locker

Where: Red Dog Saloon

Prize: Lifetime discount at Red Dog Saloon

This ordeal feels like "swallowing molten magma".

Red Dog Saloon on Bold Street gives customers 10 minutes to eat six spicy chicken wings smothered in Carolina pepper super shot sauce, extra hot chilli powder and clearcap super soluble syrup.

Challengers are not allowed to leave their table and are forbidden from drinking anything while eating.

They will then get a five minute 'cooling off' period before any liquid is allowed to touch their lips.

The challenge rewards winners with a silver coin entitling them to a 10% lifetime discount at any Red Dog Saloon site. A gold variant awaits the fastest finish and offers 25% off for life.

The chillies involved were the hottest in the world according to Guinness World Records from 2013 to 2023 before they were surpassed.

Watch the ECHO's Christopher Megrath here, as he is humbled by these super-spicy wings.

The Triple Grande Nachos Challenge

Where: Las Iguanas

Prize: Free meal and merch

Make sure you arrive hungry for this one.

Challengers will come face-to-face with three portions of Las Iguanas' huge Grande Nachos, including all of the standard toppings, plus lashings of cheese sauce.

Then they'll pile on five more toppings of your choice.

With 25 minutes to finish, winners will receive their meal for free plus a special t-shirt.

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