The four member countries that like the EU even less than the UK

Four countries like the EU even less than Britain, a poll by the EU has found (Getty Images)

Four member countries like the EU even less than Britain, a poll carried out by the European Parliament has found.

The survey asked whether people thought their country’s EU membership was a good thing, a bad thing or neither a good or bad thing.

People in Greece, Croatia, Italy and the Czech Republic were less likely than Brits to think that their membership of the bloc was ‘generally speaking… a good thing’.

48% of respondents in the UK thought Britain’s membership of the EU was ‘a good thing’, compared to 45% in Greece, 44% in Croatia, 42% in Italy and 39% in the Czech Republic.

The countries with the most favourable view of the EU were Luxembourg, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.

The countries that like the Eu even less than Britain (Source: Europarl)

The biannual poll also found that European citizens overall are more likely than ever to view their membership positively, with this indicator reaching heights not seen since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the adoption of the Maastricht Treat in 1992.

When quizzed on why their felt positive about their membership, people said that economic factors and the ability to collaborate on security were the most significant factors.


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As UK and EU negotiators struggle to come to a Brexit agreement before the deadline for a deal, the survey found that other members states are unlikely to follow in Britain’s footsteps.

66% of European citizens said they would vote to remain in the bloc, with 17% supporting leave, and 17% undecided.

The poll found that other European nations look unlikely to follow in the footsteps of Brexit

The report authors wrote: “A bit more than two years after the UK referendum and a few months ahead of the Art.50 deadline which would require the UK to leave the EU, Parlemeter 2018 puts citizens’ views on Brexit in perspective by asking their opinion should a similar referendum to leave the EU be held in their own country.

“The positive attitude towards the European Union is clearly reflected there: With a convincingly broad majority of 66% Europeans would vote for their country to remain a member of the EU.

“Only 17% would vote to leave, with 17 % showing as undecided.”