Four men accused of rape and murder shot dead by Indian police

In a highly controversial move, Indian police shot dead four men who were accused of raping and murdering a woman near Hyderabad in South India last Wednesday (November 27).

Police officials said they had taken the four men, Mohammed Areef, 26, Jollu Shiva, 20, Jollu Naveen, 20, and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, 20, to the scene of the crime at 3 am where they reconstructed events as part of their investigations.

The four men were shot dead in the early hours of this morning (December 5) after they allegedly tried to snatch weapons from the police and escape.

The incident caused an uproar with many Indian human rights activists accusing the police of a staged encounter to hand out extra-judicial justice.

But many supported the police saying ‘the men got what they deserve.’ Indian legal system notoriously drags on trial for several years before reaching any conclusion.

The men had allegedly raped and murdered Priyanka Reddy, 28, a veterinarian near Hyderabad on November 28. The men saw the woman park her scooter near a toll-booth before leaving for a dermatology appointment.

They allegedly punctured a tyre of the scooter and waited. When she returned, they pretended to help, gang-raped her at a deserted spot, strangled her and burnt her body to destroy evidence, according to the police.

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