Fox News anchor rips apart Trump conspiracy theories hours after he gives on-air interview

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Watch: Eric Shawn on President Trump, the election and the truth

Fox News host Eric Shawn tore apart Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud live on air only hours after the president made a controversial appearance on the network hours earlier.

On Sunday afternoon Mr Shawn lambasted Mr Trump’s lack of existing evidence to support claims that the election was fraudulent and cost him the victory against Mr Biden.

The comments came as part of an interview with Axios political reporter Hans Nichols, during which they discussed the claims the president made during his first interview since Mr Biden was declared winner of the election.

Mr Shawn began by opening the segment with a damning reference to Mr Trump’s critics saying they believe Mr Trump’s "claims are unsupported, reckless and incendiary."

"It seems that we have a president who, he can't wrap his brain or mind around the fact that, he can't process the fact that someone who he thinks is so inferior to him won the election," the Fox News anchor said.

Joe Biden was declared winner of the 2020 presidential election by news networks on 7 November but Mr Trump delayed the official transition process after he refused to concede.

Fox News host Eric Shawn tore apart Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud live on air (Fox News)
Fox News host Eric Shawn tore apart Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud live on air (Fox News)

In Mr Trump's first televised interview since the election with Maria Bartiromo only hours earlier the president ranted about conspiracy theories, pushed baseless claims, and made wild accusations.

He claimed without evidence, that some states allowed voters to turn in ballots after election day and that vote-counting machines were rigged to favour Mr Biden amidst other baseless accusations.

“This election was rigged. This election was a total fraud,” Mr Trump said.

However, Mr Shawn disputed the claims, pointing out that Mr Trump’s accusation that swing states were seeing “massive dumps of votes” was in fact “just the counting of the many mail-in ballots that re-entered into the computer system.”

"All this despite the fact that his campaign has failed to prove any of this in court," Mr Shawn said during the segment.

"In fact, your government, election officials experts and others, many of them Republican, including Trump-appointed officials, say that the president's claims are false and unsubstantiated."

A number of Republican senators, including Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Ohio’s Rob Portman, have now turned on Mr Trump and called for Mr Biden’s transition to begin to ensure a smooth handover before he takes office in January.

Mr Trump took to Twitter on 23 November to finally announce that he had given GSA head Emily Murphy permission to work with Mr Biden’s transition team “in the best interest of our country” but he still refuses to concede.

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