Fox News: Animal Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Sewer Grate

A fox whose head was caught in a sewer grate in Beverly, Massachusetts, was rescued with a combination of soap and oil rubbed gently around the animal’s neck.

Stanley Forman recorded footage of Beverly Animal Control using the liquids to ease the fox’s head out of the grate.

Once freed, the animal was hosed down and then released it back into the wild in the same place where it was found. Credit: Stanley Forman via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, it's a dog. Is it a coyote?

- You don't think it's worth a--

- Fox?

- How are you?

- Good. How are you today?

- Good, good.

- You taking pictures for someone?

- I [INAUDIBLE]. I'm a TV guy.

- OK.


- Awesome.

- Most of the guys know me. I had the turtles two weeks-- past week.


- Yesterday.


- [INAUDIBLE] fox there.


- Who saw it? Who found it?

- I woke up, came out to get a paper.

- Can I talk to you afterward?

- Yeah.

- Thanks.

- [INAUDIBLE] just turn that on?


- How are you?

- Good. How are you?

- There he goes.

- Oh, man!

- Yeah!

- Whoo!

- Whoa, where are you going with him? Let him go.


- Can I get a shot of him in the cage? Your first fox of the day?

- Yeah. I was doing turkeys, like, 10 minutes ago.

- Where's the turkeys?

- Brimble.

- Oh, I've been [INAUDIBLE]

- Give him some water? Let him go?

- Yeah, I'm just gonna make sure that he's all right, and--

- That's awesome. Yeah, he wants to go.

- Oh, yeah. [INAUDIBLE]

- Looks healthy.

- Yes, it does. We're just going to rinse it off, and we're going to let it go.

- You're gonna let it go right here?

- Yep.

- Oh.

- This is where it came from.

- OK.

- And we don't want him to [INAUDIBLE] a different neighborhood.

- Am I in danger?

How old, do you think?

- Uh, it's really tough to [INAUDIBLE]

- Hi, bud.

- This might look kind of cool. I don't know if you wanna [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, I'm going to get it.

- I know, bud. [INAUDIBLE]

- Just trying to get the soap off him?

- Yeah, and the oil, whatever they put on him.

- OK. What was that they put on him? Do you know?

- Just soap and water and oil. [INAUDIBLE] Olive oil.

- Did you have it in the truck?

- No, neighbor did.

- They live right over there in the back.

- In the back? OK.

- This is great. [INAUDIBLE]

- Which way he's going out? That one?

- Yeah.

- OK.


- It's hard to say. He's young, but he definitely doesn't need his mom anymore.

- He knows his way back.

- He's not that young.

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