Fox News Hosts' Own Words Come Back To Haunt Trump In Brutal MSNBC Supercut

The same Fox News hosts and commentators defending Donald Trump now after his combined 91 felony indictments in four different cases were singing a very different tune in 2016, as highlighted by a new MSNBC supercut video.

When Hillary Clinton was running against Trump, multiple voices on the right-wing network cried out that the nation couldn’t handle a president under investigation.

“We cannot have a country led by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations, potential indictment, and never-ending hearings,” Jeanine Pirro said in a segment that’s still available on Fox News’ YouTube channel.

Pirro dismissed the charges against Trump as “a bunch of theater” and “a legal thing” in the video that aired on Sunday on “The Mehdi Hasan Show.”

Sean Hannity warned that Clinton becoming president “while still being under investigation” would lead to a “major constitutional crisis.”

The charges against Trump, however, are “nothing other than a show indictment.”

Hasan’s team uncovered similarly awkward comments from Tucker Carlson ― who has since parted ways with the network ― and commentator Newt Gingrich: