Fox News' Sean Hannity asks if Obama and Hawaii travel-ban judge did cocaine and weed

Josh Robbins

Fox News' Sean Hannity suggested Barack Obama may have taken cocaine and smoked marijuana with the Hawaii judge that recently blocked President Donald Trump's travel ban.

In a clip uploaded by left-wing Media Matters for America of a Hannity radio show, the commentator asks of the pair, "Were they best friends in Hawaii, were they part of the 'Choom Gang', smoking pot and hanging out? And doing a little weed and maybe even a little bit of blow? It's unbelievable here."

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"Choom Gang" refers to an alleged group of high-school students from Hawaii that included a young Obama who took drugs together, according to forthcoming book by David Maraniss. "Choom" is slang for marijuana.

Judge Derrick Watson is five years younger than fellow Hawaiian Obama though both graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. Watson was appointed by Obama as a United States District Judge in 2012.

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Before hinting that the pair may have taken drugs together, Hannity said: "By the way, this judge who issued the travel ban ruling is an Obama law school classmate. Maybe he should have recused himself from the case. Just a maybe."

Trump's latest executive order that aimed to prohibit travel to the US by citizens of six majority Muslim countries was overruled by Watson on Thursday. His decision has been painted by the white nationalist alt-right media as being secretly coordinated with Obama.

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The Independent Journal Review published a story to this effect but retracted it within hours claiming that the article did not meet their editorial standards.

A cornerstone of the conspiracy is Obama's impromptu visit to Hawaii just two days before Watson challenged the travel- ban. Making reference to this, Hannity said: "Now just to put a fine point on this, Obama made a surprise visit to Hawaii just 48 hours before the judge blocked the Trump travel ban. Did he see his buddy?"

The veteran Fox News man sought to justify his claims within the context of what he perceives to be a biased left-wing media set upon bringing down Trump at all costs.

He said: "Not saying he did, but considering NBC, CNN and every other, you know, abusively biased alt-left, propaganda, destroy-Trump media outlet is into conspiracy these days, I guess nothing is off the table."

The "alt-left" is phrase recently coined to discredit journalists who are critical of Trump. It plays on the phrase "alt-right" which describes the new breed digitally-savvy right-wing media outlets including Breitbart News, which was founded by Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon.

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