Fox rescued after getting his head stuck in bin lid

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
The RSPCA said this juvenile fox 'got himself in a real pickle' (RSPCA)

A young male fox proved to be not so cunning after he got his head stuck inside a bin lid outside a school.

Staff working a Saracens High School in Barnet, North West London spotted the trapped wild animal in the school grounds on Friday, 17 May.

They then called the RSPCA to help rescue the stricken animal.

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Animal Collection Officer Mariam Adwan said of the rescue: “This juvenile fox had got himself into a real pickle!

“Somehow he’d managed to put his head through the hole in the lid of the bin, but then couldn’t get out.

“He was really scared, poor thing.

The juvenile fox was found 'really scared' (RSPCA)

“I managed to calm him down and checked whether I could gently ease him out, but his cheeks seemed to be the sticking point.

“This wasn’t going to be an easy rescue and I had to to find a solution fast.

“It took a hacksaw blade to get him out. Protecting the fox with one of my hands, I carefully cut a T-shaped slit to open up the hole in the lid.

An RSPCA officer had to use a hacksaw to free the wily fox (RSPCA)

“Once I had done that he came out easily and following a quick check up at the vet, I was happy to learn he was unscathed by his ordeal.

“The school was sure he was part of a fox family that lives on the school grounds, so I was able to release him close to his home.

“It was clear he knew exactly where he was because he headed straight for the den and I hope is now reunited with his family.”