Foxes reveals she was bitten by a monkey after music festival

Foxes recent visit to Gibraltar won’t be one that she forgets anytime soon, as she has revealed to Yahoo Celeb a monkey bit a chunk of her arm during a tour.

Describing the incident as a ‘bad souvenir’, the 27-year-old singer, who was among the acts performing at the Gibraltar Music Festival, says it was a very ‘weird’ experience but she still loves monkeys.

Hmmmmm we doubt she will be getting involved with any monkey business anytime soon!

Foxes attacked by monkey after music festival
Foxes attacked by monkey after music festival

She said: ‘I was nowhere near the monkey, I was completely down the other side and wasn’t upsetting it.

‘I just kept my distance but a female monkey ran and bit me on my arm. Apparently they haven’t done that to anyone in a while.’

Foxes – real name Louisa Rose Allen – showed us her bruises from the bite and said she has yet to go to the hospital to get a tetanus shot.

‘I got bitten by the monkey and five minutes later I was back on the plane with a massive plaster on me.

Foxes Gibraltar music festival
Foxes recently performed at the Gibraltar music festival

‘It’s like I’ve got a really bad souvenir from Gibraltar. But I still love monkeys, It’s just unfortunate that happened but I feel the monkey just wanted to get closer’.

She added: ‘I was so sad because all I wanted to do is have a chin wag and a hug.’

The Southampton born star has just returned to the UK following a successful two-month US tour with Coldplay who she now says are her musical godfathers.

Talking about her time away with the band, she said: ‘The Coldplay boys taught me a lot and have now become my mentors.

Foxes recently went on a US tour with Coldpaly
Foxes recently went on a US tour with Coldplay

‘They are actually quite supportive of what I do which is really nice. Chris Martin was the one that asked me to go on the tour and he was really sweet. It went really well and I had the best time.’

Foxes fans will have to wait a little while before we hear new music from the hit maker as she is currently in the studio working on her next record.

Giving us a mini scoop on what we can expect, she told us: ‘I always write very personal things and tend to spill my guts, I know it sounds terrible!

‘For me when I’m in the studio it’s always about getting into a mind state where I use music as therapy so it will be something around that area.’

No tracks about monkeys then!

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