FRANCE 24 'deeply concerned' by former Algeria correspondent's indictment


FRANCE 24's former correspondent in Algeria, Moncef Ait Kaci, was tried on Wednesday in Algiers for "funding received from abroad and publication of information harmful to the national interest", according to the prosecutor.

Moncef Ait Kaci was arrested on July 28, 2020 and placed in police custody, before being released and officially accredited by the Algerian authorities.

On Wednesday, prosecutors called for a three-year prison sentence for Ait Kaci and the journalist-director Ramdane Rahmouni. Both men have always practised their trade with professionalism and rigour, and worked in full transparency.

Pending the deliberation scheduled for March 22, FRANCE 24's management is "deeply concerned" about this indictment, but has confidence in Algeria's justice system.

FRANCE 24 gives its full support to its former teams accredited in Algeria.

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