FRANCE 24 on femicide: Our stories on violence against women

France is one of the European countries with the highest number of femicides. It's estimated that a woman is killed by her partner or former partner every three days. On the international day for the elimination of violence against women, FRANCE 24 takes a look at its coverage of femicide in France and throughout the world.

As part of FRANCE 24's special coverage on the elimination of violence against women, we look at the alarming statistics on femicide, how France fares compared with other countries, and look at states that have put in places the best mechanisms to combat domestic violence.

The 'Focus' programme talks to a victim of domestic violence, now living in safety after escaping from her violent ex-husband. Five years ago he had tried to throw her out of a window in front of their children. Monday night's 'Debate' programme will focus exclusively on femicide. 

FRANCE 24 takes a look at its coverage of femicide in France and throughout the world.

'I had eight teeth broken': French film star Sandrine Bonnaire shares domestic violence ordeal

On the United Nations-backed International Day for Eliminating Domestic Violence against Women, French film star Sandrine Bonnaire shared her harrowing experience of domestic abuse in conversation with FRANCE 24.

'New measures but no extra budget': Assessing France's plan to combat domestic abuse

Rebecca Amsellem, a women's rights activist, spoke to FRANCE 24 about measures the French government announced on Monday to step up the fight the scourge of domestic abuse.

Thousands march in France to protest alarming femicide levels

Thousands rallied in Paris on Saturday to seek an end to gender violence and femicide in a country where at least 116 women have been killed by current or former partners this year, sparking national outrage.

‘Daddy killed mummy’: Women take to Paris streets with anti-femicide poster campaign

More than 250 anti-femicide posters have appeared in the streets of Paris since the end of August. The campaign has been launched by women who want to pay "homage to the victims" and "make passers-by and public authorities react".

Tackling domestic violence: ‘If you ask the right questions at the right time, you will save lives’

With one of Europe’s highest domestic violence rates, France has a dismal record when it comes to listening to the victims of abuse and affording them protection. As it prepares to unveil measures to end the scourge, the French government is under intense pressure to set the record straight.

Behind the statistics: The trauma of losing a loved one to femicide

France on Tuesday launched a three-month conference on domestic abuse amid mounting concerns over high femicide figures. FRANCE 24 met families of some of the victims to uncover the stories behind the statistics.


French government convenes femicide conference – but critics say it’s 'meaningless'

Amid more than 100 instances of domestic femicide in France since the start of 2019, the Macron government has convened a conference on domestic violence to start Tuesday. But critics say the government needs to do much more.



'A culture of domestic violence': France’s femicide problem

Seventy-five women have been killed by their current or former partners in France so far by July 2019. As Spain leads several European countries in the fight to lower femicide rates, why is France so behind?



Violence against women: South African police take to streets

In the past year, South Africa has seen an alarming spike in violent crimes against women. Around 3,000 women were murdered in the country in 2018, the equivalent of one every three hours, while the number of sexual crimes, including rape and sexual assault, jumped by 4.6 percent to more than 50,000.

Outrage over ‘femicides’ draws hundreds to the streets of Paris

More than 1000 protesters gathered in Paris in early July 2019, demanding tougher government measures to prevent men from killing their wives, girlfriends, partners or former partners.

In some northern Indian villages, girls are never born

Authorities in a northern India state launched an investigation this week to uncover why no girls were born in 132 villages in three months. The reasons for the skewered sex ratio are widely known but there’s little will to tackle the problem.



Domestic violence: Is France failing to protect its women?

France has one of the highest number of femicides in Europe. It's estimated that a woman is killed by her partner or former partner every three days. Domestic violence isn't new to France, but there's currently a collective effort by associations for battered women to raise awareness and stop the indifference. The government has announced a series of measures to tackle the issue. But has it gone far enough?