France demands 'immediate release' of seven French citizens held in Iran

Concern is growing for seven French nationals being held in Iran. Among them is Fariba Adelkhah, a researcher at Sciences Po university in Paris, who was arrested back in June of 2019, along with her colleague Roland Marchal. Marchal was released in 2020, but with political tensions on the rise in Iran, Adelkhah remains in jail. For more, we speak to Sandrine Perrot, a researcher at Sciences Po and a member of a group dedicated to securing Adelkhah's release.

This week in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bowed to pressure by firing a senior minister who was convicted of tax fraud. In doing so, Netanyahu complied with a Supreme Court ruling and avoided an immediate showdown with the judiciary. But the clash between the Israeli government and the courts is far from over.

Finally, in many parts of the world, women serve as leaders in the Christian Church. But in the Holy Land, that wasn't the case until this week. Sally Azar, a Palestinian woman from Jerusalem, has just been ordained as a pastor of a Lutheran Church in the Old City.

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