France says EU push for tougher emissions rules goes too far -Le Figaro

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PARIS (Reuters) - France believes proposals for stricter emission standards known as Euro 7, which would further push European carmakers to shift away from combustion engines, are going too far, finance minister Bruno Le Maire told Le Figaro newspaper.

"European environmental norms should remain incentive and not destroy our (automotive) industry," Le Maire said in an interview.

"Let us be clear, this norm does not suit us. Some proposals are going too far, the work must continue."

A consortium of researchers, commissioned by the EU and known as CLOVE, this month recommended that so-called Euro 7 rules should tighten car emission limits for pollutants including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from 2025.

Its recommendations are not binding, but aim to inform the European Commission's proposals, due later this year.

Hildegard Mueller, president of German auto industry association VDA, has said the proposals were "at the limit of what is technologically achievable".

(Reporting by Matthias Blamont; Editing by Grant McCool)