France seeks to enforce mandatory quarantine for Covid sufferers

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France is looking to impose a legally mandated 10-day isolation period for anyone who tests positive for Covid-19.

The measure has been included in a draft bill that will require health workers to get vaccinated, and health passes to be shown in restaurants, theatres, cinemas and on cross-country transport.

“A person receiving a screening test that concluded he or she is infected with Covid-19 is automatically obliged to place themselves in isolation for a period of 10 days in the place of accommodation that he or she has declared,” the bill says.

According to the document, seen by news sites Politico and Contexte, businesses who fail to check a customer’s health pass face fines of up to 45,000 euros and a year in prison.

The legislation, which has been sent to the Council of State, the highest administrative court, will be examined by parliament on 21 July.

Health Minister Olivier Véran told BFMTV that while it was uncertain the bill would be approved, he was in favour of measures to guarantee that self-isolation was properly respected.


Meanwhile on Wednesday police in Paris fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators who gathered to denounce the new Covid restrictions announced by President Emmanuel Macron this week.

Other demonstrations were reportedly held in cities including Avignon, Toulon, Nantes and Perpignan.

The French government has defended its decision to impose Covid tests for unvaccinated people who want to eat in restaurants or take long-distance trips, as the country tries to avoid a surge in the Delta variant.

From 21 July, only people who are vaccinated or can present a negative Covid test will be allowed access to large venues such as theatres, cinemas and amusement parks.

Those measures will be extended to cafés, restaurants, trains, planes and buses from the beginning of August.

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