France's DGAC warns of flight disruptions at French airports due to April 25 strike

PARIS (Reuters) -France's DGAC civil aviation authority on Wednesday warned of massive flight disruptions at French airports on April 25 tied to the threat of an air traffic controllers strike.

The DGAC said in a statement it had asked airlines to cut flights by 75% at Paris-Orly airport, by 55% at Paris Charles-De-Gaulle airport, by 65% at Marseille airport and by 45% at all other airports, on Thursday April 25.

The DGAC made this announcement although the biggest union representing French air traffic control workers, the SNCTA, had said it was calling off a threatened strike on April 25 after reaching a deal with management over working conditions.

The deal came too late to avoid traffic disruptions while discussions have yet to be finalised with other unions, DGAC said.

(Reporting by Dominique Vidalon; Editing by Benoit Van Overstraeten)