France's Macron and Niger's Issoufou pay tribute to fallen soldiers

French President Emmanuel Macron wrapped up his West Africa tour by paying his respects to the 71 soldiers who died in a terrorist attack on a military camp in Inates on 10 December.

Macron said that he wanted to hail the soldiers as a manner of showing solidarity towards their families, the army in Niger and the nation as a whole.

"In our culture, visiting the people in mourning is a much appreciated gesture," said President  Mahamadou Issoufou who accompanied Macron to the cemetery where the soldiers are buried.

He added that the fight against the terrorists would be upgraded with better coordinated action between the local forces and foreign allies.

Macron said that the coming weeks woul be crucial to win the war against terrorism in the region.

"We got victories and still do and we will have more. But we are also at a decisive point in this war," he said.