France's strategy in Africa: Macron unveils changing military, economic agenda

With France's influence waning in Africa, it was time to push reset. President Emmanuel Macron has laid out a revamped strategy for the continent. He has insisted Africa is a priority of his second term as president. Indeed, this week he will head there for the second time since being re-elected last year, embarking on a four-nation trip to Gabon, Angola, the Republic of Congo and finally the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

France has long been a major broker on the continent. But with political instability, insecurity and "Françafrique”, a cosy web of ties with its ex-colonies, some countries feel France has overstayed its welcome.

And in the 21st century there is increased diplomatic competition: China, Russia, Turkey and others are offering alternatives. So what is France's role in Africa?

Produced by Juliette Laurain, Sara Ayach and Imen Mellaz

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