Frank Warren and Simon Jordan in explosive row live on air over Tyson Fury's behaviour vs Usyk

Simon Jordan
Simon Jordan has rowed with Frank Warren over Tyson Fury's conduct -Credit:Up Front With Simon Jordan

Frank Warren and Simon Jordan have been embroiled in a heated on-air bust-up over Tyson Fury's conduct before and after the Oleksandr Usyk fight.

Promoter Warren joined talkSPORT on Tuesday to discuss his fighter's loss to the Ukrainian in Saturday's heavyweight unification bout in Saudi Arabia. The chat kicked off with a discussion about the rematch, which he confirmed is set for October in Riyadh, with the Gypsy King eager to make up for the first defeat of his professional career.

Warren then found himself in an intense argument with Jordan and host Jim White after Jordan criticised Fury's behaviour before and after the fight, including the claim that the judges had favoured Usyk due to the conflict in Ukraine.

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Warren staunchly defended Fury, reminding the duo that the 35-year-old suffers from bipolar disorder. "You don't know the background, you don't know the man," the renowned promoter passionately argued, via the Mirror. I've cringed at some of the things he's said from time to time, but I know what goes down and how it is [with his condition]."

White then questioned Warren about Tyson's tense relationship with talkSPORT, as the boxer currently refuses to engage with the station. Warren maintained that it wasn't his place to tell Fury to converse with the station.

Warren queried: "So I'm going to have a row with someone I'm very close to? Because it would be a row because he doesn't want to do it. You think I'm going to go into battle with talkSPORT? No, I'm not."

Jordan then chimed in: "I stand by every single observation I've made about Tyson Fury, good and bad. And you guys take all the compliments and none of the criticism, and I expected better."

Frank Warren and Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury has been defended by his promoter Frank Warren -Credit:Getty

Warren then criticised Jordan for not acknowledging Fury's mental health struggles. He retorted: "So did I from you, Simon, because what you've not done at any time, in any of your columns, is mention that he's got bipolar."

That remark sparked Jordan's ire. The ex-Crystal Palace owner fired back: "Oh mate, I'll tell you what, if I'd have written a column about Tyson Fury's medical condition, you'd have been all over me like a rash.

"Frank, that is absolute crap. You'd have been all over me. How dare I write about his medical condition. You're bloody wrong. You're defending Tyson because he represents a commercial interest to you."

The heated exchange eventually simmered down with Warren's appearance, which ran significantly over time, ending on a cordial note between the three.