Frankie Boyle praised for delivering ‘home truths’ in Farewell to the Monarchy

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Frankie Boyle praised for delivering ‘home truths’ in Farewell to the Monarchy

Frankie Boyle has sparked an online debate after the broadcast of his Channel 4 show about the monarchy.

The hour-long special, titled Frankie Boyle’s Farewell to the Monarchy, aired on Sunday (30 April) and featured the comedian making a sceptical examination of the royal family and its chequered history, as well as delivering an assessment on its future.

As indicated by its title, the programme does not take a favourable view towards the family, nor King Charles III’s forthcoming coronation.

“The time has come to say farewell to the monarchy,” Boyle offered at the start of the programme. “Let’s raise a bottle to them… filled with petrol and a burning rag.”

Among topics covered in the programme included Prince Andrew’s continued inclusion in official events, considering the allegations that have surrounded him, as well as the institution’s role in colonial atrocities.

As well as this, Boyle met with royal experts to gain an understanding of their enthusiasm for the institution and its members.

In response to Boyle’s outspoken one-off show, viewers were quick to share their opinions online.

“Watched @frankieboyle’s programme on the Monarchy last night – superb viewing, lots of home truths for the monarchies and plenty of Frankie’s trademark humour,” wrote one fan, while another declared: “Couldn’t love Frankie Boyle any more right now.”

Frankie Boyle says a farewell to the monarchy (Channel 4)
Frankie Boyle says a farewell to the monarchy (Channel 4)

“As well as being massively entertaining, it actually contained real historical facts about the history of the UK as opposed to the kiddie sugar-coated crap that we are fed,” reads one comment.

The fan then thanked Boyle for “teaching us real history”.

Yet, not everyone was impressed with Boyle’s railing against the royal family.

From its trailer alone, one decided: “Nah, will give this a miss, not prepared to buy into his bitterness and hate.”

Another viewer jokingly issued a plea for the show to be investigated by Ofcom for “misrepresentation”, pointing out that “Channel 4 is saying it contains humour”.

Elsewhere on the channel, a special edition of The Windsors sent up the royals ahead of this weekend’s coronation.

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