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We’re all-in on fake freckles — try these 6 affordable alternatives to the Freck Beauty pen

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Whether they come courtesy of genetics, makeup or a filter, freckles are currently one of the hottest (and cutest!) beauty trends. They give off a playful and quirky vibe that everyone seems to be coveting right now, especially with summer just around the corner.

Actual freckles are naturally available to only a small fraction of us, but not to worry — there are a ton of products that will give you a surprisingly realistic replication. Social media influencers like Alix Earle are going crazy for Freck from Freck Beauty, which paints onto the skin sort of like a liquid eyeliner. We also love Freck, but at $22 for 1.35 milliliters and $28 for 3.15 millileters, it’s not the most affordable.

If you’re looking for a lower price point or can’t find a retailer with Freck in stock, we’ve got you. Scroll down for six other options that will give you all the freckles you’ve ever dreamed of for $15 or less.

Each pack includes products in two different shades of brown.
$10 at Amazon

If you’re looking for something as close to the OG Freck as possible, Freeorr is your best bet. It has the feel of a liquid liner in the exact same way. In fact, the naturally colored pigmentation can actually do double duty as an eyeliner. The ultra-fine tip helps to create incredibly delicate detail, while the waterproof formula won’t smudge or run.

This pen couldn't be easier to use! Simply dot and go.
$9 at Amazon

This option from Kyda works like a pen rather than a liquid liner, which is definitely easier to manipulate for some people. The price will get you two pens, with your choice of both light brown and both dark brown or one of each. Our vote is the mixed set — combining two different tones gives a super realistic look! The Kyda pen boasts glycerin and zinc laurate as ingredients. Together, they’ll keep your freckles looking nourished and deeply pigmented, with real staying power.

The stamp’s tips offer a range of sizes and lengths, which helps give a realistic variation in shape and color intensity.
$9 at Amazon

Try this stamp from Erinde for a totally different approach to faux freckles. Instead of placing each dot individually, the stamp allows you to place a bunch all at once. This makes things go much quicker and also helps you create a natural-looking pattern without any effort.

Get creative with Lime Crime's various freckle pen colors.
$15 at Amazon

The Lime Crime has a design that’s pretty similar to the Kyda option, with the feel of a pen instead of a liquid liner. This Freck alternative has a much wider range of colors, however. It’s still available in light brown and dark brown but also comes in a deeper nude and — get this — magenta! Obviously, not the most realistic, but very fun. The other thing we love about this pen is its ingredients. Lime Crime’s products are all vegan and cruelty-free, making this a true look-good/feel-good situation.

Leave your freckles on for a day or two or use makeup remover to take them off as soon as you’re ready.
$13 at Amazon

BodyMark specializes in temporary tattoo markers, so you know its freckle pen is going to be good. It uses the same cosmetic-quality ink as the rest of the brand’s products, creating a long-lasting look that never smears. The pen has a soft brush tip that gives you tons of control as you build and layer pigment. We like using it to create a few deeper beauty marks when we’re feeling extra dramatic.

At less than $7 a pack, we’re totally giving these tattoos a shot.
$10 at Amazon

If you’d prefer to get away from makeup entirely, these temporary tattoos from Frecklyz are the way to go. They obviously don’t allow you to customize your look in the same way as other options, but with six included in each order, they’re by far the most affordable. We like them for photo shoots, where the final appearance is way more important than staying power or a natural in-person look.

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