Fred and Rose West’s daughter says she fears her parents killed 30 more women

The daughter of Fred and Rose West says she believes her parents may have killed up to 30 more women.

Mae West, 46, told Good Morning Britain what it was like to live in the “house of horrors” at 25 Cromwell Street in Gloucester.

She has written a book called Love As Always, Mum xxx: The True And Terrible Story Of Surviving A Childhood With Fred And Rose West.

She told GMB host Susannah Reid that she and her siblings were locked in a basement, beaten and sexually abused by their father before he was arrested in 1992.

Serial killers Fred and Rose West (Picture: PA)

Fred West is known to have killed at least 12 women between 1967 and 1987, including his daughter Heather, before he was caught. He later killed himself in prison.

His wife Rosemary was convicted of 10 murders and is serving life in prison.

But Mae believes her parents killed many more women.

“I don’t know (how many) – they do say they never stopped,” she told Good Morning Britain.

“I was really young, it was the 70s, we had tenants, it was normal to see people coming in and out. With Heather we thought she ran away. I used to think everything they did was strange. That must have been when they were doing things.

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“We didn’t see any evidence of that at all. People ask me do you think he stopped and I don’t think he did. I think he stopped using the house.”

When asked if it was likely her parents had killed 30 more women, she said: “Yeah.”

Mae called on her mother to tell the truth.

“She was just way over the top for the littlest of things and that was what you were looking out for,” she said.

“She would beat one of us and then she’d shout ‘I’m in the mood now’ and just do you all.’

“I just wish mum would confess to what her part is to give closure to everybody.”

She said she was inside the house when her parents were “doing things” to another girl.

“They would lock us in the basement. These must have been times they were doing things. They would give you a bucket at night and the lightbulb would be taken out and doors locked.

Fred and Rose West killed more women, their daughter has said (Picture: PA)

“I would get up early and get dressed before he would come and rip the covers off me.

“When you’re a kid if you knew he was coming home you’d have jeans on and go to bed fully dressed.”

She also spoke of her own children and their knowledge of her past. She said of her son: “He’s never really asked me.

“I thought he might have brought it up, ‘Where’s your mum and dad?’ He hasn’t so far. I definitely want to wait until he’s older.”

Mae said her daughter found out by accident.

“She’s never really talked about it. She’s put that like, ‘Well that’s your background’ and we’ve got on with things.

“She did go to a Halloween fancy dress ball and they [other party guests] went as mum and dad, they actually dressed as Fred and Rose West while she was there.

“She just said, ‘Oh Mum, you never guess what, they came as your parents’. They are criminals and they are evil and that’s what Halloween is, isn’t it?”