Freddie Flintoff recreates his first driving experience in new Top Gear clip

Tom Horton, PA
·1-min read

A clip from the new series of Top Gear has shown presenter Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff being reunited with his father’s old car.

In the video he drives the Ford Cortina, which is the same model he rode in during his childhood, while sitting on the lap of fellow host Paddy McGuinness as they attempt to recreate his first driving experience.

The former cricketer controls the steering as they drive the car while McGuinness keeps his feet on the pedals as they struggle to make their way around a race track.

In Sunday’s episode of the BBC driving programme, McGuinness is also reunited with the model of the Ford Fiesta his father used to drive.

Presenter Chris Harris also drives the BMW 323i from his childhood.

The new series of Top Gear will see the hosts look back at some of the cars used in the James Bond films.

It will also see Flintoff race off-road in a battery powered car.

Top Gear airs at on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.