A Christmas (promotional) Miracle! Airline asks passengers what they want from Santa - then gives them FREE presents at baggage claim

Low-cost Canadian airline WestJet fulfilled the wishes of 250 passengers by giving them exactly gifts including clothes, Android tablets and even a 50-inch TV

A generous airline spread Christmas cheer to its passengers by asking them what presents they wanted - then dishing out their requested free gifts at the baggage carousel.

Low-cost Canadian carrier WestJet asked 250 passengers to tell Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas before a flight from Toronto to Calgary.

To the amazement of the unsuspecting passengers, they touched down at their destination only to be greeted with the gifts they asked for as they waited for their suitcases.

The heartwarming (but also shamelessly sickly) promotional stunt by WestJet saw the airline hand out clothes, free flights and even a 50-inch TV to stunned passengers.

The video of the 'Christmas Miracle' may be an unsubtle attempt to milk the lucrative holiday flights season, but it's difficult not to be moved by the overcome reactions of some travelers who receive free gifts.

A film shows passengers of all ages telling a virtual Santa Claus what they'd like for Christmas, before thinking nothing more and getting on their domestic flight.

But behind the scenes, a team of 150 volunteers rush to the nearest retail park to buy their requested gifts while the flight is in the air.

As passengers sit unknowingly on their flight, the army of helpers buy and wrap all the presents, before transporting them to baggage claim in Calgary.

A young boy tells the WestJet 'Santa' what he wants for Christmas. (WestJet)
Another unsuspecting passengers gives his Christmas wish before boarding the flight. (WestJet)
Meanwhile as the passengers board the flight, a team of volunteers dash to the nearest retail park. (WestJet)
Passengers sit on their domestic flight unaware of the treats at the other end. (WestJet)
When the carousel starts up, snow begins to fall and weary travellers are greeted with wrapped gifts before their own bags.

A young boy unwraps an Android tablet in front of WestJet's own 'Santa Claus', while other passengers are given cameras and a snowboard.

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One male passengers, however, who clearly didn't expect the Christmas Miracle to be taken seriously, also unwraps his request - of underwear and socks.

The climax of the WestJet stunt sees a couple unwrap a 50-inch TV to tears of joy and applause.
Travellers get the unexpected surprise as presents emerge from the baggage carousel. (WestJet)
A grateful dad unwraps free gifts for his children. (WestJet)
This passenger probably wished he set his sights a little higher. (WestJet)
A woman is overcome after receiving a free camera. (WestJet)
Saving the best for last: An overjoyed couple get a 50-inch TV. (WestJet)

WestJet spokesperson Richard Bartrem: 'This year, we wanted to turn our holiday campaign into a tradition by doing something that's never been done before.

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'Inspired by the notion of real-time giving, we wanted to surprise our guests with meaningful, personalized gifts when they least expected them.

'Being able to show our guests how much we care with gift-giving, a tried and true holiday tradition, resonates with WestJetters as much as our guests.'