Free diver finds drone at bottom of lake and returns it to owner

A free diver found a drone and a GoPro camera at the bottom of a Canadian lake on Monday (March 15) and returned them to their owner. The pilot crashed the flying device into the lake on the outskirts of Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and contacted free diver Clayton Helkenberg for help retrieving it. Helkenberg had to abort his first effort due to a thin layer of ice covering the surface of the water but promised to return two weeks later when it had thawed. The second attempt went much more smoothly and Helkenberg used footage from the crash to estimate the position of the lost drone. After finding several other lost items at the bottom of the lake, Helkenberg spied the drone and lifted it to the surface. "The second day was a success and I was able to reunite the drone with its owner that day," said Helkenberg.