Freediver Unknowingly Takes Swim With Saltwater Crocodile

A freediver was unaware of some scary underwater company off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, as he wound up swimming close to a saltwater crocodile by accident, sharing footage of the encounter to social media on November 21.

It wasn’t until one of Christopher Burnham’s diving partners joined him in the water that he realized he was sharing the habitat with the large reptile.

Footage of the event, taken by Burnham and posted on Facebook, shows the crocodile slowly rising to the surface of the sea a short distance away from the freediver.

“We all hovered over the crocodile for about five minutes prior to diving,” Burnham told Storyful, adding that the event took place on October 26.

“We had a cumulative 50-plus years of freedive spearfishing experience between us so we made a judgment that there was minimal chance of it attacking,” he added.

“We observed it for around 15 minutes before changing spots.” Credit: Christopher Burnham via Storyful