French duo hijack Michael Jackson's Billie Jean in a 100% kitchen version

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The French comedy duo Charlie and Styl'O have been making the buzz on social media for several weeks with their parody of Michael Jackson's song ‘Billie Jean’, made with French cooking words.

Published several months ago by the French duo Charlie and Styl'O, the gastronomic parody of Michael Jackson's hit Billie Jean has recently hit the web.

"It came very quickly and very ridiculously", said the duo of actors and musicians about their last sketch which made the buzz in France on social networks.

This summer, Charlie & Styl'O took up a challenge. They were going to cover Michael Jackson's song Billie Jean only with cooking terms.

This work is part of a programme called Parodisque, where Charlie & Styl’O try to parody four songs per week (sometimes in French, sometimes in English) as part of a morning skit for France Bleu radio.

They started singing Billie Jean's beat in their kitchen replacing the English words with French ones, starting with the French word pomme, pomme for apple, apple, as the basis of beatbox.

For the rhythm, the very identifiable "poum tac" of the drums became "pomme tarte", apple, pie, while the chorus gave way to an iconoclastic composing.

From there, the word game unraveled – woo woos were replaced by hou-mous – and before long, "and she looked more like a beauty queen" became "Hachis, Limonade, Des Linguines."

This month of December is marked by the anniversary of Michael Jackson's Thriller, first broadcast on 2 December 1983. Published in June 2020, Charly & Styl'O's parody has become viral on social media during Covid-19 second lockdown in France and is a new success today.