French far right leader Marine Le Pen tells Nigel Farage UK has led the way on leaving 'EU jail'

Francesca Gillett

French far right leader Marine Le Pen has told new ally Nigel Farage that Britain is “already reaping the benefits” of Brexit.

The former Ukip leader interviewed the French presidential hopeful for radio station LBC in a chat which covered Theresa May and Brexit.

Ms Le Pen, who has pledged to deliver “Frexit” if elected as the country’s president, praised the UK for leading the way out of the “prison” of the EU.

She has already led some of the first-round polls and is gearing up for the election in just a month’s time.

Asked by Mr Farage whether the British PM snubbed her by inviting her rival Emmanuel Macron to Downing Street, Ms Le Pen said: “Well it seems to be the case.

“I find it difficult to understand the consistency of ideas and convictions in this approach.

LBC presenter Nigel Farage interviewed Marine Le Pen in Paris. (PA)

“He went to Algeria and he explained it was necessary to build a bridge as it were between Europe and Algeria for even more immigration which is the opposite of what Brexit stands for and the choice made by the British people.

“I don’t understand this inconsistency this contradiction between what Theresa May stands for today because she has decided to be the woman who will implement Brexit.”

When Mr Farage told Ms Le Pen that the PM wanted nothing to do with Donald Trump before his election victory, she replied: “She’s good at getting it wrong, this is rather reassuring.”

She also thanked Brexit-voters for “showing us the way out from this huge prison which is the EU for the people”.

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