French Man Claims New World Record for Standing on Hot-Air Balloon at Over 13,000 Feet

France’s Remi Ouvrard claimed a new world record on November 10 by standing on top of a hot-air balloon 4,016 meters (13,175 feet) up in the sky over Chatellerault.

Dressed as an astronaut, the balloonist recorded this video of himself while 3,637 meters above ground, an altitude that matched the phone number of an annual Telethon campaign to raise money for neuromuscular diseases. The balloon continued past 4,000 meters, local news said, shattering Ouvrard’s previous record of 1,217 meters.

The balloon was being operated by Ouvrard’s father. The trip, according to local news, lasted almost 90 minutes. Credit: Remi Ouvrard via Storyful

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