French paraglider rescued at sea after plummeting into FREEFALL due to chute malfunction

This unbelievable video shows the terrifying moment a French paraglider’s chute FAILS -- sending her plummeting into terrifying FREEFALL. Maud Perrin, 20, was attempting a manoeuvre known as ‘twisted infinity tumbling’ when disaster struck. A timing miscalculation led to Maud falling into her canopy and becoming twisted in her parachute's straps. The quick-thinking paraglider pulls her reserve chute as she plummets to the ground, but it FAILED to open. Maud then had to put all her hopes in the second reserve shoot opening as it was the only thing stopping her from falling to her death. Luckily, the chute opened and, after initially becoming entangled in the mess of cables and straps, Maud managed to even herself out in the skies over Ölüdeniz, Turkey. Maud, a freestyle paragliding pilot, said: “I tried a manoeuvre called 'Twisted infinity tumbling'. “During the attempt of the manoeuvre I fell into the canopy after pulling on the wrong timing and then trying to pull both of my reserves. The first one did not open so I had to pull my second reserve. “I was just managing the situation. The only moment I was thinking-otherwise I was just acting - was when I saw that my first reserve did not open - and I had to get the other one out. “At that moment I thought 'this is basically my last chance so it has to open'. “The second reserve opened. I ended up in the water and the boat came to pick me up. "Olu Deniz is a place you can take more risk trying out new stuff because you have high altitude and there is the rescue boat to come and pick you up. “After watching my video over and over I was thinking of the right way to pull out my reserve so it would have opened or opened faster. “I also saw what I did wrong in the way I was pulling on the breaks, so I don't do it that way anymore. "I tried the manoeuvre again over the lake in Annecy and it all went well. Now I am able to train it over the ground.” The footage was captured on October 23.

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