French PM Borne lists 60 political priorities for her government

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Addressing a government environment seminar on Wednesday, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that she had established a list of 60 priorities for the government, each with a precise objective. Neither she nor government spokesman Olivier Véran gave details.

On the day that the governor of the Bank of France, François Villeroy de Galhau, stated his belief that the country is not in immediate risk of economic reccession, the prime minister clearly wished to present a clear, realistic reaction to the economic crisis provoked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Her spokesman, Olivier Véran, explained that a parliamentary working group is to be created in the course of September, with a view to analysing the energy options facing France in the wake of Russian threats to cut gas supplies completely.

Admitting that there was a real danger of fuel shortages this winter, Prime Minister Borne insisted that such was the price of supporting the struggle for democracy in Ukraine.

She said her comments were an objective assessment of an unfortunate situation, and that her government was determined to find the best possible solution to a complex problem, and submit those solutions to the test of debate.

Borne confirmed the setting up of the so-called National Rebuilding Council, a mix of fifty political figures and influential individuals such as the Bank of France governor.

They will be asked to guide the framing of government policy in the five broad areas of employment, education, health care, senior age groups and the environment. The council will also contribute to the public debate on proposed laws.

The prime minister also promised the preparation of a climate action plan, which will be put in place sector by sector and zone by zone.

The summer of heatwaves, drought and forest fires has removed any lingering doubt about the urgency of such a programme, she said.