French President Emmanuel Macron booed at Rugby World Cup opening ceremony

French President Emmanuel Macron was booed during the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup.

It began when he walked onto the pitch at the Stade de France in Paris.

While chants of "Allez Les Bleus" also rang out around the stadium, some of the jeering continued.

Earlier this year, there were large demonstrations against controversial pension reforms.

Mr Macron, arms folded, applauded World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont as he finished his speech.

Then, when it was his turn to address the crowd, the boos increased in volume and at first the president was barely audible.

But when he declared the 10th edition of the tournament open the crowd cheered in unison.

The opening ceremony - a celebration of French gastronomy, culture and art - was directed by Oscar-winning French actor Jean Dujardin.

There were leaping acrobats, a giant scrum involving fancy dress, and a massive inflatable Eiffel Tower in the middle of the field.

Hosts France beat New Zealand 29-13 in the tournament's opening match.