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French President Macron hit with egg at event as protester shouts ‘Vive la revolution’

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French president Emmanuel Macron has been hit on the shoulder by an egg hurled at him during an event to promote the country’s food.

Macron, 43, was walking through the crowd when it bounced off him without breaking during a trade fair in Lyon to show off France’s cuisine.

Video of the incident showed the egg flying through the air before hitting Macron whose bodyguards then moved in to protect him.

The footage also showed a man being led away by what appeared to be other members of the security team.

Mr Macron, who was wearing a mask, was heard saying after he was struck: “If he has something to tell me, then he can come.”

An egg was hurled at President Macron (Reuters)
An egg was hurled at President Macron (Reuters)

During the incident at the international catering, hotel and food trade fair, a protester shouted, “Vive la revolution (long live the revolution)”.

It’s not the first time the President has been targeted on a walkabout.

He was slapped in the face by a man as he was greeting in a crowd in the town of Tain-l’Hermitage in southeastern France in June.

Damien Tarel, 28, received a four-month prison sentence as well as an additional 14-month suspended sentence for the offence.

He was also banned from ever holding public office and from owning weapons for five years.

In court, the defendant described himself as a right-wing or extreme “patriot” and a member of the yellow vest economic protest movement that shook Mr Macron’s presidency in 2018 and 2019.

He told the trial in the southeastern city of Valence that the attack was unplanned and impulsive and prompted by anger at France’s “decline”.

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