French street artist Bisk inspired by Paris rubbish strikes

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French street artist Bisk inspired by Paris rubbish strikes

The unpopular French pension reform courtesy of President Emmanuel Macron has brought the country to a standstill over the past few weeks.

The protests, industrial actions and fiery demonstrations have heavily impacted travel and public services.

Today is yet another national strike which should see more trash accumulate in the streets because of the ongoing sanitary workers' protest against the hike of retirement age.

But as the old adage goes, every crisis is a (street artist’s) opportunity.

Parisian street artist Bisk has found a way to make the best of a chaotic situation by giving monstrous faces to the piles of rubbish currently littered across the streets of the French capital. So, a smelly mess for some; a perfect canvas for Bisk.

Whether dumped on the pavement or stacked against walls, the overflowing bins and rubbish piles are brought to life by the urban artist with graffitied eyes, polystyrene smiles and even repurposed red slides for tongues…

Provided you approach Bisk’s creations from the right angle, the trash is transformed into ramshackle ready-mades that could be labelled as pareidolia, which refers to the optical illusion whereby perception imposes a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous stimulus.

Take a look at more of Bisk's monstrous trash:

BISK - Instagram
Trash comes to life - BISK - Instagram
BISK - Instagram
Giving garbage a makeover - BISK - Instagram
BISK - Instagram
Angry bins and repurposed ashes - BISK - Instagram
BISK - Instagram
Smiling rubbish - BISK - Instagram

So, if you happen to be stuck in the capital and come across some sizeable piles of rubbish, look twice because you may be missing something remarkable!