French Toast Grilled Cheese Is The Ultimate Brunch Sandwich

French toast grilled cheese and ham sandwich
French toast grilled cheese and ham sandwich - Guajillo studio/Shutterstock

There are so many ways to make a sandwich. It can be as simple as a slice of cheese or a smear of fruity jam and peanut or almond butter, or as elaborate as a triple-decker turkey club with all the fixings. You might go for a classic, smooshy white bread, or something with grains and seeds that is sturdy enough to contain an oily steak and onion stack. But when it comes to brunch, you can easily go beyond the standard bacon, egg, and cheese if you want to attain ultimate status.

Look no further than another breakfast staple for inspiration, and convert your sandwich into a sweet-savory mashup in the form of French toast grilled cheese. While it may sound elaborate and is sure to impress taste buds and dining companions, it's actually quite an easy execution, which means you'll be having your brunch dreams come true in a flash.

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Building Your Brunch Sandwich

French toast sandwich with ham
French toast sandwich with ham - gowithstock/Shutterstock

If you've had a Monte Cristo sandwich, this preparation won't be unfamiliar to you. Grab a few slices of your favorite soft brioche, and your preferred cheese (Swiss works well). If you prefer to keep it vegetarian, you can stop there, but if you'd like to add a protein boost, honey-baked ham makes an ideal complement.

When you make up your standard custard, take the opportunity to add any additions that sound good to you. Since this is a more savory dish than classic French toast, a little onion powder and Dijon mustard bring zip and kick. And there are plenty of ways to hack your French toast for more flavor, too, beyond what you put inside. Try swapping your custard for melted ice cream, dosing it with a bit of booze like Grand Marnier or rum, or even opt for oil instead of butter to experiment with a slightly different flavor profile. When you're through making your selections, you're ready to serve this easy-to-love new addition to your brunch table.

Customize Your Brunch Creation

French toast ham and cheese on wood plate
French toast ham and cheese on wood plate - gowithstock/Shutterstock

Once you have the blueprint for this brunch masterpiece, you can go about making it your own. Fortunately, there is an entire world of inspiration out there, including fast-food breakfast sandwiches that feature everything from fried chicken to black forest ham.

For example, the cheese is your choice — you'll want to select something that will melt efficiently. Gruyere is a good option, as well as fontina, cheddar, brie, or provolone. You can mix and match, and swap based on mood and occasion. Likewise for your meat; if ham isn't speaking to you, try prosciutto or even sausage patties. Using a sturdier bread like sourdough will change the texture of your stack, yielding a crustier exterior, but you don't have to stop there. Croissants, English muffins, and even waffles can stand in for the average slice.

You can also play with the flavor profile through the egg mixture, hewing closer to the classic with cinnamon and vanilla for a sweet-savory play, or even add cayenne or pepper flakes for a wake-up call kick. You can serve it with classic maple syrup, a tart peach jam with ginger and amaretto, or something like apricot jalapeno jelly which complements the complexity of your sandwich. Regardless of your selections, a classic mimosa will tie it all together for a meal that makes a great reason to wake up every weekend.

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