Fresh calls for speed reduction at notorious accident blackspot

One of the recent road traffic accidents on the A477 near Honeyborough <i>(Image: Western Telegraph)</i>
One of the recent road traffic accidents on the A477 near Honeyborough (Image: Western Telegraph)

Fresh calls have been made to reduce the speed limit on one of the A477’s most notorious accident blackspots following yet another three-car collision.

Traffic came to a standstill soon after 8am on Tuesday (January 24) after three cars collided near to the Crossways garage at Honeyborough roundabout.

Whilst nobody was injured, traffic remained extremely slow-moving throughout the morning as police and fire officers carried out investigations and cleared the site.

Now residents are requesting an urgent review of the current 60mph speed limit which operates along this section of road between both the Honeyborough and Sentry Cross roundabouts.

“In my former role as an ambulance service paramedic, I attended several collisions along this section of the A477 and unfortunately these included fatalities,” commented Neyland town councillor Steve Thomas.

“And speed was almost always a factor in the accidents.

“Considering this history, the current speed limit really is too high.”

Cllr Thomas confirmed that discussions with Pembrokeshire County Council concerning the reduction of the speed limit to 40mph are ongoing however its implementation has been delayed.

“Personally I feel there is very good argument in reducing the speed limit for the whole section between Honeyborough and Sentry Cross Roundabouts, especially with the new Ascona development which is proposed for the Lewis's garage site, which the town council supports.

“I urge the county council to take action quickly before there is a further devastating loss of life.”

Cllr Thomas went on to say that the accidents are having a knock-on effect on local businesses as this section of road serves as a busy commuter link to and from Pembroke Dock.

“I really do hope that a reduction in the speed limit has the support of the community and road users, and that this support is highlighted to Pembrokeshire County Council when the matter goes to consultation, hopefully in the very near future,” he said.


Steve Thomas’s comments have been endorsed by county councillor Simon Hancock.

“I’m strongly supportive of the representations of Neyland Town Council to reduce the speed limit on this road,” he said.

“There have been a number of serious accidents here, and we know how excessive speed is often a factor in these collisions. I have no doubt that lower speeds will make the Honeyborough to Sentry Cross road safer."