Fresh search for Jay Slater launched as uncle makes heartbreaking Madeleine McCann case comparison

Jay Slater, 19, went missing on June 17
-Credit: (Image: MEN Media)

Missing Jay Slater's family were "holding on to hope" as a fresh search for the teen was launched on Saturday. A team of 10 volunteers were joined by the 19-year-old's relatives as they scoured the mountainous region in Tenerife where he vanished.

They spent several hours trekking in the 25C heat hunting for the teenager, who has been missing for almost three weeks. Jay's uncle, Glen Duncan, 41, said the wait for news was “just torture” for the family.

But he said they were still hopeful, adding: "He’s not been found, so you’ve got to cling on. I’m sure Madeleine McCann’s parents still cling onto that hope that she’s somewhere on the other side of the world 20 years later. She’s never been found and there's no proof of whatever has happened to her."

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Glen, who is the brother of Jay's mum, Debbie, said: "It’s so treacherous down there. Look at the state of me. I'm not a climber, I’m not a hiker. We've just been out with some Spanish volunteers. They’ve been through it by foot and the dogs, there’s obviously been areas searched by helicopter and drones. For me, he's not up here. That's what I get the impression of."

The Mirror reports that Glen said he was "close" to his nephew, adding: "He was just a typical, great young lad with a massive circle of friends who loved the good time. He was looking forward to coming here. First lads holiday, we've all been there, haven’t we?

"It’s so easy to get lost down there. There was a group of us and you can’t see anybody. It got to a point where I wasn't even looking for my nephew, I was just trying to find my own way out to safety. If he has wandered off I just can't see how he would wander all the way down there. When you’re lost you stick to a path. I don't know if he was afraid of someone or something."