Tube strike: Fresh walkout announced on London Underground

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Tube strike: Fresh walkout announced on London Underground

The RMT union has announced a fresh Tube strike that is expected to cause major disruption across the London Underground network later this month.

The union confirmed 10,000 of its members are set to walk out on Tuesday, June 21 as part of a dispute over pensions and job losses.

It will coincide with the first day of a national rail strike confirmed on Tuesday by the union in which 50,000 workers will strike across three days.

A similar walkout on the Tube at the start of March brought the Underground to a near-total standstill.

More than 200 stations closed and there was rush-hour chaos as passengers tried to board packed buses, queued for Boris bikes and taxis or faced gridlock on the roads.

London Tube Strike: June 2022

While the walkout of 4,000 RMT staff brought major disruption to the Tube network on Monday.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said on Monday: “TfL, London Underground Limited (LUL) and the Mayor of London have had ample opportunity to negotiate with the union properly to avert this strike action today.

“Their intransigence and stubbornness have left RMT members no choice but to act decisively.

“We will not rest until we have a just settlement to this dispute and we urge the Mayor to stand up to the Tory government who are cutting funding to TfL rather than try to pick a fight with tube workers.”

The ongoing protests centre on the decision by Transport for London to axe 500 to 600 Tube station posts to save cash and the review of the generous TfL pension scheme.

Andy Lord, TfL’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “It is extremely frustrating and hugely disappointing that the RMT has announced further strike action before we have been able to meet them to discuss their concerns following this week’s strike. Announcing this strike so soon to align with wider national action is unfair to Londoners.

“It is particularly disappointing that the RMT is threatening such disruption given that nobody has lost or will lose their jobs as part of the proposals that we have laid out, which amounts to a recruitment freeze rather than job losses, and that there have been no proposals to change pensions or conditions.

“The devastating impact of the pandemic on TfL finances has made a programme of change urgently necessary. I urge the RMT to work with us rather than continue to disrupt our customers and further hamper London’s recovery. We have been in regular talks with the RMT to try and resolve this dispute and would welcome further talks rather than strike action.”

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