Fresh weather warning as fog shrouds Worcestershire

A heavy fog has descended on Worcester <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
A heavy fog has descended on Worcester (Image: Newsquest)

A fresh weather warning has been issued as thick fog continues to shroud Worcestershire.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning covering the entire county.

The national weather service has warned people to expect difficult driving conditions as a result of the fog.

Such fog is expected to linger throughout this evening and overnight into Friday morning, December 2.

It will result in slower journey times with delays to bus and train services possible.

It is also possible that the fog may cause flight delays or cancellations.

Temperature-wise, Thursday will see highs of just five degrees but it will feel like four.

Advice for travelling in the fog

The Met Office advises that people avoid travelling if possible.

If you must, you should drive very slowly with dipped headlights as full-beam lights reflect off the fog, causing a "white wall" effect.

You should also keep an eye on your speed as fog can give the illusion of moving in slow motion

Don't hang on the tail lights of the car in front, rear lights can give a false sense of security

Finally, the Met Office says you should watch out for freezing fog which is made of water droplets that freeze on contact with objects such as the pavement, road, car, etc. It can quickly form a layer of ice.