Friday's Morning Email: How Congress Ended The Government Shutdown Before It Really Began With A Massive Spending Bill


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THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IS OVER BEFORE IT REALLY BEGAN “Hours past a government funding deadline, Congress sped a massive bipartisan spending deal through both chambers early Friday morning, averting the furlough of hundreds of thousands of government workers. After Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) held up the bill until after 1 a.m. ― setting off a technical lapse in government appropriations ― the Senate approved the six-week funding extension and spending limit deal 71-28. A few hours later, racing the bill through procedures that normally take hours, the House passed the bill 240-186.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] THE WINTER OLYMPICS HAVE OFFICIALLY BEGUN Read live updates from the opening ceremony and the games. Here’s the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, by the numbers. The Court of Arbitration for Sport has officially denied the final attempts by some Russian athletes to be allowed to compete in this year’s Olympics. And while Leslie Jones’ figure skating commentary is gold, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski’s is ice. [HuffPost] THESE VETERANS SAY A TRUMP MILITARY PARADE WOULD BE A ‘WASTE OF TIME’ And that there would need to be a lot more practicing of marching formation. The Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden called the idea “third world bull****.” [HuffPost] WHITE HOUSE AIDE WHO RESIGNED AMID ACCUSATIONS OF ABUSE COULDN’T GET A SECURITY CLEARANCE HuffPost’s S.V. Date argues the domestic violence accusations against the former staff secretary “highlight again the Trump White House’s difficulty in finding top talent.” Dozens of White House employees are still waiting for permanent security clearances. Here’s what the White House won’t say about Porter’s exit and who knew what, when. His ex-wife Jeannie Willoughby said Porter asked her to “downplay” the abuse in a statement. [HuffPost] AN EPISODE OF ‘CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER’ BECAME POLITICAL NEWS YESTERDAY Because it’s 2018. Former White House aide and star of Trump’s “Apprentice” Omarosa said in an episode of the show that she was “haunted by tweets” in the Trump White House, and wouldn’t vote for him again “in a million years.” A White House spokesman said in response that Omarosa was forced out of her role. [HuffPost] ‘THE ONES THEY LEFT BEHIND’ This Puerto Rican family is still torn apart by Hurricane Maria ― all these months later. [HuffPost] SO ABOUT THAT $84,000 ACCUSED SEXUAL HARASSER BLAKE FARENTHOLD PROMISED TO PAY BACK IMMEDIATELY The Texas GOP congressman has yet to cut a check. [HuffPost]


FORMER MIRAMAX EXECUTIVE AND ROSE MCGOWAN MANAGER DEAD AT 50 Jill Messick’s family called her death “collateral damage in an already horrific story,” casting blame on both the Weinstein and McGowan camps. [HuffPost] IS THERE A PROBLEM WITH OLYMPIC ICE SKATING JUDGING? “At the top levels of the sport, judges give higher marks to figure skaters from their own countries, a BuzzFeed News data analysis has shown — in some cases, affecting the final results. And 16 of the judges who most consistently gave a boost to their own country’s skaters will be in Pyeongchang this week, deciding the course of Olympic history.” [BuzzFeed] FACEBOOK IS BETA-TESTING A DOWNVOTE BUTTON For content considered inappropriate or misleading. [HuffPost] THIS WOMAN CLAIMS AN AIRLINE MADE HER FLUSH HER EMOTIONAL SUPPORT HAMSTER DOWN A TOILET Yes, you read that headline correctly. [HuffPost] ‘THE DAY THE NBA WRAPPED ITSELF AROUND LEBRON’S FINGER’ Breaking down that bonkers NBA trade deadline. [HuffPost] IN ONE OF THE MORE UNEXPECTED PAIRINGS Jennifer Garner is returning to TV for a Lena Dunham-led HBO comedy. [HuffPost]


Amazon is reportedly launching a shipping service that will compete with FedEx and USPS. HuffPost Opinion: “We have seen the future of water, and it is Cape Town.” The stock market is entering “correction territory.” The rebirth of O.J. prosecutor Marcia Clark’s image. While Quentin Tarantino has apologized for his 2003 remarks about Roman Polanski’s rape victim, video has resurfaced of Fergie saying he bit her on set. Which led HuffPost’s Claire Fallon to argue that this is the opportunity to say you always hated a creep’s art. Toronto police found the remains of at least six people linked to the suspected gay village killer. How a recent leak is bringing back fears for immigrant families of being labeled a public charge and deported. Turns out South Korea’s Olympic stadium will only host four eventsbefore it is torn down. The Midwest is buckling down for a massive snowstorm. The mother of Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Elias Diaz has been kidnapped in Venezuela. Jimmy Kimmel spotted something about Melania Trump’s Twitter account that the president is probably not thrilled about. Check out the top affordable spring break destinations. Is your wife doing all the emotional labor? Up your haggling skills. The Pod Save America crew is headed to HBO. Reliving Johnny Weir’s best skating outfits. Dunkin’ Donuts plans on getting rid of its styrofoam cups by 2020. And love this newsletter? Share it with a friend! 

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