Friday Night Delight: A Fan's Perspective on December 2nd's Ultimate Fighter Showdown

El Cucuy Goes Blow for Blow with the Self Proclaimed 'Thugjitsu' Master

On December 2nd's 'The Ultimate Fighter'(TUF) final showdown, we all know about Bisping v Miller. That looks to be an outright war, after all the bad blood between the two while in the house. Another serious fight stands in the shadows waiting to go down as one of the best TUF has given us so far. On Friday night, we have Tony 'El Cucuy'(The Boogeyman) Ferguson (12-2-0) throwing down with Yves 'Thugjitsu Master' Edwards (41-17-1).

Ferguson last appeared on an official fight card in September's UFC 135 against Aaron Riley, winning the fight due to a jaw injury based TKO. 'The Boogeyman' showed just how much of a nightmare he can be by throwing a monstrous uppercut breaking Riley's jaw, then laying into him till the bell rang. Anyone who can finish out a round after a broken jaw, then bow out gracefully 1) Knows his limits and 2) Is well worth watching, and will hopefully be back again soon. Ferguson though is looking to lay into Edwards, and may well come out with a win if this fight stays upright.

In the other corner we have Edwards. Before anything else, we have to look at that nickname: Thugjitsu Master. Can anyone say what 'Thugjitsu' really is? It looks to me like a saddening mix of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, with some Krav Maga or some other grapple based style thrown in. Basically, he throws as many hits and kicks as he can while maintaining some form of control, then throws knees for days. I will give him the credit of saying he is awesome with submissions.

Basically, we have two guys that love to throw, and enjoy the ground, so who's to say who will win? My money would be placed on Ferguson. Though he is not as great on the ground, with a quarter of his wins to submission to Edwards almost half, in my own opinion at least, he is better with his hands. As long as he keeps an eye out for Edwards legs and knees, and stays off the ground, he has the fight.

Edwards has shown less control than Ferguson has when it comes to a standing game. Ferguson waits and shoots with deadly precision, where Edwards goes for machine gun quantity. Should they stay standing, look forward to seeing two amazing fighters wail on each other till the better is left standing. Should they go to the ground, it's anybody's game, but it is never worth the risk of Edwards ground-and-pound and submission skills. Well readers, where is your vote?

Mack has participated in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, and avidly follows the MMA world.