Friday's national newspaper front pages


:: Financial Times

Snapchat owner Snap rose more than 40% after it debuted on Wall Street.

:: Daily Express

Families could be forced to hand over thousands of pounds that would have been left as inheritance to plug the gap in elderly social care.

:: Metro

A rapist released early from a prison sentence carried out a fresh attack hours before he was due to marry.

:: Daily Star

Danny Dyer's character is due to be jailed in an EastEnders plotline.

:: The Daily Telegraph

Artificial life has moved a step closer after an embryo was made from only stem cells.

:: The i

Schools are to ask parents for up to £600 to cover the cost of textbooks.

:: Daily Mirror

A report says four out of five hospitals are now unsafe.

:: The Guardian

MI6 is to use the old fashioned way to recruit spies in order to bring more black and Asian officers into the ranks.

:: Daily Mail

Britain is in the middle of a fly-tipping epidemic.

:: The Sun

The BBC has created a rival cooking TV show to go up against the Great British Bake Off.

:: The Times

British taxpayers will help fund a "private army" to protect MEPs in Brussels.

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