Fried Chicken Shop Closed After Inspectors Discover POO On The Walls

A fried chicken shop in north London has been closed after inspectors discovered some of the worst hygiene violations they had ever seen.

The Tasty Chicken ’n’ Pizza store in Walthamstow was found to have human and animal faeces smeared all over the walls.

Dirty: Raw chicken juices were found on the premises (SWNS)

Inspectors found raw sewage trailing through the restaurant, while raw chicken juices were also running across the floor.

Mice were found nibbling on crisps, while their droppings were spotted on food preparation equipment, behind the freezers and on top of pizza dough - and there was no soap on the premises at all.

Disgusting: Human and animal faeces were smeared over the walls (SWNS)

Waltham Forest councillor Clyde Loakes said: “This is certainly the worst I’ve seen in years and years.

"We have had closed it down and there are some serious conversations to be had with the proprietors - it really is pretty disgusting.

Hygiene: The restaurant was forced to close (SWNS)

"How on Earth does anyone think they should serve food in these conditions? They are simply in the wrong business.”

The store owners were slapped with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order before being forced to close their doors.

Top pic: SWNS