Friends attempt to break world record of riding the UK’s fastest rollercoaster 100x in one day

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This amazing video shows a pair of friends attempting to break the world record for riding the UK's fastest rollercoaster -- 100 times in one day.

Rhys Simmons, 24, and Jamie Kamaz, 24, had one goal, to ride 'Stealth', the UK's fastest rollercoaster as many times as possible in one day.

Stealth, at Thorpe Park, in Surrey, launches brave thrill-seekers from 0 to 80 miles per hour in under two seconds.

Jamie and Rhys began the challenge jacked up on adrenaline, but fatigue soon set in as the intense roller coaster ride took it's toll on both body and mind.

The co-founders of the 'Passion Squad' YouTube channel, actually lost count of how many times they rode Stealth before they physically could do no more, but estimate they hit the 100 mark.

Jamie, from Enfield, London, said: "As kids we never really got to go on our favourite ride more than once, because the queues are always so long.

"We thought we'd take advantage of the covid restrictions and visit a theme park. To our surprise there were no queues.

"We had a good mindset at the start and felt good all round. But by the end, we felt poorly, dizzy, a bit sick and full of adrenaline.

"We got a little carried away and lost count about half way through, but I'm pretty sure we must have hit the 100 mark."